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Channeling the current Barbie trend and its evocative nostalgia, this artwork weaves the iconic Barbie seamlessly into a picturesque European house and a vibrant, blossoming landscape. 


Once again I've infused vibrant hues and intricate details into the existing canvas. The classic Barbie doll becomes a centerpiece in this artful tapestry, set against the backdrop of a timeless European residence. 


A tribute is extended to the original artist, Sandro Guidi, whose elegant floral scenery forms the foundation of this composition. By skillfully integrating Guidi's work with your own creative ingenuity, I've crafted a symbiotic relationship between tradition and innovation, inviting viewers to reevaluate their perception of art and iconic symbols. "Euro-Trip Barbie" transcends being a mere painting; it is a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring charm of Barbie as a cultural touchstone.

- Silver glass frame. Size: 30x40cm
- Acrylic paint on water-colour textured cotton rag print. Size: 25x34cm
-  Signed Certificate of Authenticity 

FREE Express Shipping Australia Wide. Est arrival 1-2weeks. 

Euro-trip Barbie

SKU: Barbieoriginal
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