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I'm thrilled to share my latest creation with you all - "Y2K Holiday" featuring iconic 90s treasures like the rubber duck, Tamagotchis, and a Trolli sour worm blended into a beachy seagull print! I had an absolute blast working on this pentimento, and I'm so excited to see your reactions after you loved the last one I did!

A big shoutout to the incredibly talented artist Pascal Cessou for the beachy seagull print. I believe in giving new life to art, so I've rescued another art print from the op shop and transformed it into something a little more fun.

- Pascal Cessou print, acrylic paint, protective spray varnish, custom blue card and wooden frame with glass insert. Size 42x42cm. 
- Signed certificate of Authenticity

Free Express Shipping in Australia. Est arrival 1-2weeks. 

Y2K Holiday

SKU: Y2KOriginal
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